About Paulette

Clearing the Etheric Cords of Attachment


Did you know that there are invisible energetic connections to the etheric body?  These cords relate to specific spiritual, emotional, psychological, and physical aspects of your being. Whenever you experience stress, fear, guilt, anger, or negative thinking, the flow of energy becomes blocked, and your system gets out of balance. After years of experience with a variety of modalities, Paulette is able to ‘see’ these cords and cut the binding ties of the etheric realm to return lightness to your spirit.

My Story

After dedicating 35 years to teaching students with special needs and loving every minute of it, Paulette continues her love of teaching through workshops and presentations. Paulette spends her summers teaching High School students with disabilities how to prepare for a job interview.

  • Reiki/Master teacher
  • Cranial Sacral Facilitator
  • Psych-K facilitator
  • Practices White Light Energy Work and Healing (Alfred Reynolds, Durban, S. Africa)
  • Transcendental Meditation
  • REM Healing (Enrique Villanueva, C.Ht)
  • Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) devices for home use


I have combined my interest in learning about the Subconscious mind, where all healing takes place, with the importance of Forgiveness. Thus, the creation of Mindful Seedlings is a tale of being mindful about things you are already aware of but buried deep within the subconscious mind.

Be fully aware, learn how to recognize a subconscious belief, and change it. My goal is to help adults to realize the effect our careless words have on the innocent subconscious mind of a child. Be mindful of your words.

    • Certification as a Supervisor of Special Education from the University of Pittsburgh and an M.Ed. in special education from the California University of PA.
    • An active advocate for ALL children, particularly children with Autism, Life Skills Support, and Learning Disabled.
    • Peaceburgh, a Pittsburgh-based magazine/ organization
    • ‘What the Bleep’ Group, Professional Women of Pittsburgh
    • Registered at the Upledger Institute
    • Writer for the Pittsburgh online magazine, The Bodhi Tree
    • Sales representative for Swiss Bionics

    If your child/teen is having any kind of learning or anxiety problem, call me to schedule a session for your child. 


    My Near Death Experience

    March 31st, 2012. I had a near-death experience with a full-blown heart attack. I later found out it was 100% blockage, often referred to as the ‘widow maker.’

    I know in my heart that the angels sent my son that Saturday morning. As I babysit my grandsons on a daily basis, I rarely see my son on weekends as that is his family time, as it should be. So when he called me that morning saying that the drains had backed up in his garage and asked if he could come over to put in a load of clothes in the washer for the kids. Of course, I was happy to see him!

    His brother-in-law was in town from Boston, and the family was on their way to visit with him for the day. So, I suggested that he bring his dog along with the laundry and I would be more than happy to watch her. That way, they could spend time visiting without the worry of rushing home to let her out.

    It was about 11:00 when my son and his dog came over. All was well until he put his hand on the doorknob saying his goodbyes. It was as though the Universe said, ‘WAIT! You can’t leave yet!” —because at that exact moment, I became drenched with sweat. I mean soaked! My hair soaking wet, water dripping off of my face.  My body was wet and clammy. With my stomach churning, I crawled up the steps to lie on the couch. Lucky for me, my son followed. I was at a wedding shower the night before so I thought it was just indigestion. My son thought otherwise and even though I told him I would be fine and he could leave, he knew better.

    Within minutes, he called for an ambulance. I know that if my son hadn’t been there, by the time I realized that I was having a heart attack, it would have been too late. There is no way that I ever would have had the strength to make it to a phone. No way. The attack came with such force that it took all of my energy just to breathe. When you hear the phrase, “It’s like an elephant is on your chest,” That is no exaggeration. The paramedics wasted no time, using the blanket on my couch to quickly stork-style transport me to the gurney.

    Gasping for breath, I knew life was leaving my body. In the ambulance, I stared at the square florescent light above me, thinking, “This would be kind of cool if I weren’t like, you know, dying.” The joke jolted me to reality. I knew my light was quickly fading.

    I sensed the panic in the paramedic’s tone as he held my arm tightly, ‘Hold on, Paulette! Hold on!” all the while trying to stay calm while talking to the hospital, telling them things like, “It’s falling…yes, I did that…It’s falling…there’s no time! Get the team ready!”

    Then there was the blaring of the siren. It wasn’t the ‘wah wah’ sound from an ambulance transporting a patient from point ‘a’ to point ‘b’. No, it was more like, “WAH WAH” thrusting forward, like saying, “Get the Hell out of my WAY!”

    My weakness was overwhelming. Not able to speak, I knew I was losing consciousness.

    I thought of the Protection Prayer that I had learned in South Africa. It began, “I am the Light. I am the Light.” I was disappearing into the blackness of the unknown. I soon felt myself floating into the darkness, surrounded by incredible love.

    I felt my spirit take over as I surrendered to Jesus. I don’t remember exactly what my spirit said, but it was something like, “Jesus, whatever you have in store for me, whatever lesson you have for me to learn, I surrender to your will.”

    Surrendering to Jesus, in retrospect, surprises me to this day. I surrendered to Jesus. I believe in my heart of hearts that was when my Spirit took over.

    I continued to feel weightless as I floated into the deep darkness of infinity. Tender softness encompassed me with warmth, comfort, and indescribable love. Again the love, as it is a love that this language does not have enough words to describe. Suddenly, tiny lights started flickering beyond the translucent black. Ping, ping, ping, ping….as though God was turning on the stars to show me the way. the lights flickered on, one at a time—quickly filling the darkness with light.

    All human thoughts now abandoned, I sensed an angel levitating silently next to me, on my right. She appeared as a form of total light. There were no wings. No face. No arms. Just a blinding form of light on light. Layered yet distinct. I instinctively knew that this light was a celestial being.

    I whispered, “Do you have a message for me?”
    The angel remained silent, her bright light glowing.

    I then asked, “Do you have a gift for me?”

    The angel gently replied in a voice so tender, loving, and comforting, it had to have come from a realm of compassion so deep that we beings cannot possibly identify, for the form of light had no mouth to speak. Yet the voice was clear, sweet…mesmerizing…

    “Yes, this is the gift of life for you to have for many years to come,” she answered, while delicately handing me the flaming ball of light she had been holding.

    Carefully accepting the brilliance, I felt the light slowly, slowly, slowly, absorb into my body—first traveling up my fingers, hands, and arms, spiraling upward like a scene out of a science-fiction movie. Soon, my entire body was engulfed in light brilliance. “WOW….” I thought, “…this is so cool!”

    Thanking the Angel of Light, I connected with life once again, groggily awakening in the recovery room.

    The next morning, my chest was covered with burn marks from the paddle used to keep me alive. My nurse said that if it weren’t for “You know who” as she pointed to the ceiling, “You wouldn’t be here. My doctor confirmed as he heard her, and assured me that I am “lucky” the be alive.

    With 100% blockage and the statistics of survival being less than 10%, I am more than “lucky.” I give gratitude every day to be alive and make the most of every living day.

    Please know that if you have a loved one who has passed over, death is peaceful… You do not die alone…You are totally immersed in unconditional, indescribable love.

    But my story doesn’t end there. A month later, I went to the doctor’s office for a follow-up. I asked my doctor for release to attend the hospital’s cardio-rehab facility. He said that I still had two more blockages, a 90% and a 70% blockage, and that they both needed stents before I could attend cardio rehab. I assured him that I did not have any additional blockages.

    After a brief discussion, we came to an agreement: The next morning, I was to return to his office for a nuclear stress test. A nuclear stress test is one where dye is injected first at rest and then on the treadmill. My doctor is wonderful as he agreed to stay and personally read the tests so I could have immediate results.

    We agreed that If I still had the blockages, I would have the stents inserted. If I did not have the blockages, he agreed to release me for cardio rehab.

    I will never forget the look on my doctor’s face as he entered the waiting room where I patiently awaited the results. He was smiling and shaking his head….”Never have I seen anything like this. It’s remarkable, really…A miracle, …You have perfect blood flow.” I smiled. “I know,” is all that I said.

    He released me for cardio rehab.

    I love the Universe!

    PS: It was soon discovered that the drain had my son’s house had been stuffed with baby wipes.

    When the 3-year-old admitted to flushing all of the wipes down the toilet, he said, “I don’t know.”

    I like to think that the angels made him do it to get my son to my house in order to ‘save’ me.