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Mindfully Ever After

Being mindful of our relationships is a means to nurture, inspire, and motivate commitment and endurance while recognizing red flags before they manifest into problems. It is through mindfulness of the happenings of everyday living that we are able to anticipate the unexpected while navigating a lifelong journey together.

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Paulette Glover relies on her background as a dedicated meditator and believer in the power of energy healing techniques to share a treasure chest of succinct, practical tips for couples of all ages that help identify the common pitfalls of marriage and resolve issues before they occur.

Through research data, her personal experiences, candid advice, and practical tips, she captures the value of gently guiding the heart and soul of love to preserve its integrity, encourages couples to fight fair, and inspires those in love to become mindfully aware of the challenges that occasionally line the path of even the healthiest relationships. Mindfully Ever After offers guidance, tips, and advice that helps couples preserve the sanctity of forever love by living in the zone of mindfulness.