Paulette is a Pittsburgh-area based Energy Intuitive*, Author, Lightworker, and Rescue Medium. As a retired teacher, she uses practical teaching methods focused on empowering you to be your best possible self.  Through attunements and techniques learned through years of training, Paulette connects with your subconscious mind to help empower you to enjoy a heart-centered joyful life.

Paulette has been a dedicated student of the healing arts since the mid 1990’s. Since then, her combined gain of knowledge with experience has led her to design techniques and workshops to empower others.

Paulette’s dedication to sharing knowledge and insight includes but is not limited to:

Angels Are Awesome, workshop offered.


Cleanse Energy Fields and Aura with a Pendulum

Clear Chakras

Cranial Sacral practitioner

Empower Your Everything workshop


Ho’oponopono facilitator

Mindful II Instructor, workshop offered.

Mindfully Ever After, a workshop offered based on a book by Paulette.

Psych-K practitioner

Rapid Eye Movement, workshop offered.

Release Limiting Beliefs with Archangel Metatron

Rescue Medium: Release attachments from people and places.

Usui Reiki/Master Teacher

White Light Facilitator / Teacher

Paulette connects with your subconscious mind through a process of vibrational sounds, prayer, and the willingness to surrender as a channel for Grace and guidance from the Angels and Archangels, namely Archangel Metatron, Archangel Michael, and St. Germaine. Her training includes the ability to connect with ancestors and/or past lives to discover the origin of your pain, suffering, or problem.

After the first session with Paulette, clients report feeling ‘lighter’ and happier. Generally, it takes three to four weekly sessions to be completely free and balanced.  It is important to remember that the number of sessions depends on the client’s belief system, how long the suffering or pain has been there, the willingness to ‘let go’ of their victim story, the level of commitment to change, and a the personal depth of faith.

A FREE one-hour phone discussion will determine if Paulette is the correct person to help with your situation.

As Paulette works in the Quantum realm, whether the session is over Zoom, Facetime, or in person, the results are the same.

Feel free to step into being the hero of your life, as you experience the awe of true fulfillment, being who you are and doing what you are here to do.

*An Energy Intuitive is able to scan the body and channel energy to relax and release pain by connecting with the subconscious mind to discover the origin of the problem by cutting cords, clearing chakras, or removing blocks.


I first met Paulette about 12 years ago when she was sponsoring a renowned healer from South Africa, Alf Reynolds. I came over to her home to get a healing and we soon became kindred spirits. She offered anything she could to help me with the chronic pain I suffer with and has been extra supportive over all these many years. By using her PEMF mat and eventually purchasing one of my own, I have been able to manage my pain and discomfort. As a Spiritual teacher and Mindful instructor, she’s also been a great help to me with my grandson and granddaughter with their growing pains. Without ever a second thought, she has been there for me to assist in all my physical and emotional needs. She’s an amazing healer and most importantly, a true friend.

— Bee McKenzie, Pittsburgh

In 2015, after a Dexa bone scan, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis of the hip and lumbar spine. And I had severe lower back pain. I started using the iMRS PEMF mat and pad starting June 28, 2015 and recorded the times and dates of each use. After six weeks of using the iMRS PEMF full mat and pad, my back pain was completely gone! Then, in January 2019, after my second Dexa bone Scan, it showed that I had increased in bone density 14.5% in the spine and 10.5% in the hip. The report stated: “There has been a statistically significant increase in bone mineral density in the lumbar spine and the hips and femoral neck since the prior studies.”

— Aline Shader, Pittsburgh

“I purchased my iMRS PEMF unit from Paulette and my results have been, and continue to be, phenomenal. I’ve experienced better sleep, wellness, and relief of any pains or discomfort of everyday life. She explains every possible sections of how to operate the matt, all the various additional parts and provides excellent customer service. She’s in direct contact with the company at all times and welcomes all questions and concerns.

I would welcome anyone to read Paulette’s bio of “Who Is Paulette?” She surely is “One with the Universe. One with the Light.” I would recommend Paulette’s healing Spiritual Guidance Sessions—just to hear her gentle kind voice is so comforting and magical as Paulette is able to tap into your subconscious mind to empower your inner mindfulness. My son was so happy to be blessed by her healing powers and appreciates her immensely.

Paulette is a powerful Reiki/Master, REM, Psych K, and practices White Light Energy Work. I’ve personally experienced all through her magical touch. She also teaches mindful meditations.

Paulette was and still continues her work with children as a special needs educator. She offers workshops of various topics, like mindfulness, and angel communication.”

Marcia Pope, Belle Vernon, PA. (Pittsburgh area)


Paulette is a dedicated and experienced professional committed to helping individuals find their path to wellness. With over 35 years of experience teaching students with special needs and a range of certifications in energy modalities, including Reiki, Craniosacral therapy, Psych-K facilitation, and White Light healing, Paulette offers a unique and personalized approach to healing.

In addition to her impressive credentials, Paulette has a warm and personable touch that makes her services stand out. She takes the time to follow up with her clients and ensure they are satisfied with her services. After spending hours on the phone for a personal clearing, she followed up a week later and spent more time ensuring the cleanse was complete.  She added amazing peace of mind demonstrating her commitment to providing comprehensive and personalized care to those she serves. If you are seeking a compassionate and knowledgeable guide on your journey, Paulette Glover is an excellent choice.