Paulette Glover holds an M.Ed.  from the California University of PA and a Supervisor of Special Ed. Certification from the University of Pittsburgh. As a Certified Mindful Instructor II, her experience of teaching students with special needs spans decades as she continues her mission to help children succeed.    

Little did she realize at the time, that her spiritual journey began as a five-year-old when she was gifted with Acute Rheumatic Fever. She realizes now that that month of being alone, not allowed to walk or do the activities that other kids were doing was a lesson to learn the art of stillness, and the ability to go within needed to prepare her to recognize the value of meditation.

When she was in college in the 1960s, she met a student from the Maharishi Institute and received her first introduction to Transcendental Meditation, a practice that she continues to this day.

In the mid-1990s came a major disappointment that turned into another gift from the Universe.  On the same day that a promotion that was told would be hers was given to someone else, a friend introduced her to the possibilities of Reiki to help others. Once again, her belief that everything happens for a reason, and that we are where we are meant to be, was reinforced.

From that day on, her spiritual path opened to become a Reiki/Master Teacher and several other healing practices, such as having the Grace of God to be able to study

 White Light healing in South Africa with Alf Reynolds, who has entrusted Paulette as the Coordinator of the White Chapel Lectures, channeled during the 1960s.

The most amazing transformational change occurred in 2012.  Paulette was gifted with a Near Death Experience during a heart attack, where she narrowly survived a 100% blockage, often referred to as the widow-maker.

Since her heart attack, her abilities have grown where she has been guided to share her NDE experience, to help others learn how to connect with the angels, and to clear unwanted, negative energies.  

Paulette is the author of Mindfully Ever After. Mindfully Ever After is a book for all ages about how to navigate relationships in order to keep the spark of love alive. Mindfully Ever After may be purchased here.

In alignment with helping others on the path to improved health on a cellular level, Paulette is a National Sales Representative for Swiss Bionics Solutions. A Pulsed Electromagnetic Field medical device bridges science with spiritual energy, one cell at a time.  


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